April 18, 2017


"forest fires act as agents of renewal, of rebirth...where fires burn hottest, the soil itself is left cauterized" ~alan kesselheim (author: the wilderness paddler's handbook)

i know this is a strange time of year to make mention of forest fires...but i painted this and wanted to share it.  i love the horizon texture presented in various hues of blue and with echoes both upward and downward offer to both grieve what has been lost, but see a certain beauty of what is to come.

the quote i reference is from a man name alan kesselheim. from what i have read and have come to understand, he moved out west (montana) for a woman, the land and a need to write.  i love his passion for these things and the eloquence in which he shares.

here is a link to his blog: Al Kesselheim

if you enjoy reading about the great outdoors and the adventures of real folks, i'm certain you will enjoy reading his delightful, passionate and geological observations.

April 16, 2017

God is in the details

God is in the details
"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever. Give thanks to the God of gods, for his steadfast love endures forever. Give thanks to the Lord of lords, for his steadfast love endures forever; to him who alone does great wonders, for his steadfast love endures forever; to him who by understanding made the heavens, for his steadfast love endures forever; ..." ~Psalm 136:1-26
i know my grandkids are looking forward to finding the colored eggs, 
toys and candy the Easter bunny hid for them, 
today i wake reminded that i am loved beyond measure, 
that there is nothing i need to do to deserve this 
love other than to believe in Him.  

He has Risen!

Peace and Love this Easter and Always!

April 15, 2017

between two people

13 Giggles
"Laughter is the 
shortest distance 
between two people." 
~Victor Borge

i love the sound of her giggle! 
there is this distinct 
swirling of sweetness and 
hardiness and honesty. 
it presents
without hesitation,
but with a freedom
and pureness, along 
with a welcome
for others to join her and
embrace the moment
with her.

April 14, 2017

a world-weary wasteland

a world-weary wasteland
"many people lose the small joys in the hope
for the big happiness." ~pearl s. buck

April 11, 2017

a wounded heart will heal

a wounded heart will heal
“Don't be ashamed to weep; 'tis right to grieve. Tears are only water, and flowers, trees, and fruit cannot grow without water. But there must be sunlight also. A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our lost ones is sealed inside to comfort us.”~Brian Jacques

April 9, 2017

what God can do

"Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world." ~V. Kraft
a garden i once knew

the other day my husband directed my touch to the narrow patch of earth between our garage and front walk.
with great excitement i felt the awakening of hibernating life!  i believe we are soon to enjoy breath-taking tulips, care-free daffodils and aromatic lilies... providing the local rabbit herd fail to gather at our place for their spring feast!

April 3, 2017

a direct influence

"color is a power that directly influences the soul..." 
~ wassily kandinsky

color puddles
i have always been curious about colors; their meaning and influence on our lives. here is a real quick share. here is a link to an article i found which speaks to how color preferences are determined by our experiences: 

pink: unconditional love and nurturing; intuitive and insightful; is the sign of hope
magenta: universal harmony and emotional balance; generates acceptance, tolerance, support and patience
red: energy, passion, action, ambition and determination; can stimulate deeper conversations; awakens our physical life force
orange: adventure, warm; invites spontaneity and a positive outlook
yellow: optimistic and cheerful; can awaken a greater confidence
green: balance and growth; inspires hope and generosity
turquoise: communication and clarity of mind; color of the evolved soul
blue: trust, peace and responsibility; reduces stress and helps create a sense of calm

indigo: intuition, perception and the higher mind; reflects great devotion
violet: imagination and spirituality; represents the future

March 26, 2017

about the artist

when words escape me, 
i paint!

i primarily consider myself an artistic topographist. this is because i paint most often with my fingers. i feel more confident that i can produce the most accurate translation of what is in my head or on my heart, onto a surface for others to see.

after my eye sight began to diminish, i felt i 'had to' use my fingers to create tactile impressions of my visual recollections using paint and canvas. 
i found i was able to tap into an enhanced sensorial awareness, both auditory and cutaneous, that assisted my recall of life experiences and emotional memories through strikingly vivid, bold imagery.

in my studio, i gravitate towards a strong color palette, choosing from tubes and cans of pigment labelled in braille,
employing a variety of impasto painting techniques, my fingertips are guided by my mind’s eye.

i continually challenge the boundaries of my abilities, exploring the rules of composition, color and contour. i must say, i really enjoy experimenting with artistic methods and mediums, especially those inherently requiring less control and thereby offering greater fluidity.

for each canvas, it typically takes weeks, and usually months, to build up the painted surface layer by layer. my visual collection reflects the relationship between my senses and my memories, offering viewers a glimpse of the power and joy unleashed by a can-do spirit.

i adopted this quote, credited to audrey hepburn, as my personal motto:
" the words, I'm possible, are found in the word impossible!".

daily, you'll find me in my studio, continuing to believe that i can
  bring to fruition that which rest on the soul. and i do so, with great joy!

i invite you to check out my exhibit schedule ...stop in, enjoy my work in real space.
and, please, let me know if you see what i feel.

annie young  / creative topographist  /  inspirational speaker
1744 riverwood drive  /  burnsville mn 55337
c  /  612.743.9256  e  /  annie@annieyoungarts.com

March 25, 2017

support those who serve and support us

occupation of a mother's heart
letting go and letting God
~a. young

"I remember how my blood raced thru my veins when my youngest son, a fit and readied army soldier, was making his way to the other side of the world~
To a place where peace was unrealized.
I was drowning in crocodile tears.
Fear and worry took up residency in my heart and mind. 
I couldn’t escape those relentless, anxious thoughts.
I would remind myself to breathe.

His son, Logan, was swaddled in my arms. 
I welcomed the gifts my precious 3 month old grandson brought to his grandma;
the smell of new
   innocence incarnate
a steady breath upon finding sleep
 trust without conditions

I would hold him tightly,
whisper stories of his father’s love, his compassionate reach, his faith without fear and his courage and determination.

Logan’s deep belly cries reminded me of the certain realization:
dad is gone!

And He would not soon be returning.

I understood Logan’s wailing, I wanted to wail, too!
We wailed together and then I prayed.

I turned to God. He knows me, I asked for the peace that surpasses all understanding. 
I sought His strength and begged for patience but, honestly, 
I held on tightly…
ridiculously and selfishly I held on!
Willfully wishing for control, but I knew,
I just knew deep down in my heart that I had to
let go and let God…"  

16" x 20" prints of occupation of a mother's heart are now available for $65.00
a portion of the proceeds are donated to supporting those who serve and support us

March 21, 2017

until we find

this is me
"you know how creative people are, we have to try everything until we find our niche." ~e.a.bucchianeri

March 16, 2017

love will grow

 "plant seeds of love and love will grow" ~unknown

i'm getting so excited for the arrival of spring and can't wait to plant my flower garden!  
garden party collection
thought i'd post this reminder of the beautiful gift flowers are to our world. their colorful petals accented in various hues of green; the mere glance invites the settling of our spirit, encourages a peace-filled breath to cross our lips.  the wafting aromas and the winged garden visitors they attract are an added bonus!

sigh... trust me when i tell you blossoms are worth any effort you can spare to prepare the soil, plant the seed, water and weed. 

images included in the collection: sleeping beauty, confetti susan, bloomingfield of love and hope, armonia, buttercup ball, a promise to love, honor, cherish, celebrating sisterhood, cecilia illuminates the warrior's path, mad blossom, gone to seed, lenore dances in the daisy garden, sweet honey, the blossom


firewalking "forest fires act as agents of renewal, of rebirth...where fires burn hottest, the soil itself is left cauterized&qu...