topographist: annie young

about the artist

i consider myself a creative topographist, navigating the picture plane with my fingers...because i must. my challenge lies in trusting what i dream. though my eyesight is diminished, i seek to bring to fruition the images that i have been blessed with, the images that my hands itch to create.
i work primarily in acrylics, manipulating the interplay of color and gesture to both conceal and reveal the underlying tactile landscapes i build on canvas.
let me you see what i feel?

i have added a new blog which offers more detailed description primarily for the visually impaired or blind visitors to my exhibitions.
please visit: painted stories

i pink i can!

i pink i can!
the more you believe in yourself, the more the world believes in you. ~zapata

once a patriots dream

once a patriots dream
'The stars and stripes were fluttering bright against the rain, clear blue overhead, and their minds were saying the words before their ears heard them.' ~wilder

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty
'the beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries...her beauty must be seen from her eyes...where love resides.' ~ hepburn

October 2, 2015

around the corner

annie young arts 2016 calendar
“preparation doesn't assures victory, 
it assures confidence.”   ~kalantri 

 ...i can't believe how fast this year has gone! yikes! so to ready yourself for next year, i designed my calendar for 2016 and am now taking orders!

each month offers a vibrant image of my art complimented by an inspirational or encouraging quote!

do you: 

need a gift idea?
have an empty space to fill?

are you:
looking for some inspiration?

a quote collector? 
appreciate art?

if the answer is yes to any of these questions this calendar is for you!

i am now accepting orders! 
$25.00 per calendar (+shipping)
5 calendars for $100.00 (+shipping)

pre-payment is a must on orders of 5 or more

please email me directly for invoicing and shipping info:

people, please!

i actually painted this piece a number of years ago. it was inspired by my daily crossing of a very busy intersection in my neighborhood. a necessary crossing near a bus stop i needed to reach.

my trust level, back then, was largely placed in the audible technology installed at the intersection that gives me an indication as to when i can cross. this technology provided me with an increased assurance, as a pedestrian, of a relatively safe crossing.

in recent times, i must admit, even with the assisted audio technology, my assurances of getting from one side of the intersection to the other, safely, have waned significantly.

can you imagine what it is like to hear a car speeding in front of you as you feel the tire run over the tip of your cane? horns blowing from all directions trying to alert you to this unyielding car? your heart racing as you realize how close you came to injury or possible death...your mind analyzing all the what-if thoughts?

more and more drivers seem to insist on staying connected, with their eyes and attention, to their instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin and pinterests accounts instead of the road and the pedestrians trying to cross thru the crosswalk.

people! i have a family! 
a husband, children, grand-children... 
i have a life, 
a great life 
i beg you
please put your iphones, 
tablets, ipads and any other distracting devices 
out of your sight, 
out of your reach 
concentrate on driving!

thank you for listening and please pass along the message!

September 29, 2015


a n n i e    y o u n g    a r t s

do you see what i feel?

If using a mobile device, please choose WEB VERSION 
to view all posted images 
and those available for SALE!

for visually impaired or blind visitors, please visit: painted stories to receive greater details about my work. the images are randomly selected and currently included in an exhibit.

September 28, 2015

making space

leave me alone
i'm making space for the unknown 
future to fill up my life 
with yet-to-come surprises. 

September 24, 2015

mark your calendar!!!!

journey forward
maa fall member juried show
exhibit dates: 
sept 26-nov 7 2015

where:the FrameWorks
2022A ford parkway, st. paul 55116

mark your calendar! 
    artist reception: sept 26/ 7-9pm

the sentinel
artist disabling assumptions
exhibit dates:

sept 21-oct 31
*audio description available


northfield arts guild
304 division street s
northfield mn 55057

mark your calendar! 

artist reception: oct 2/ 7-9 pm
blooming field of love and joy
divinely determined: answering the call to create

mark your calendar! 
guest forum speaker: oct. 18/ 9:45 am


northfield united methodist church
1401 south maple street
northfield mn 55057


walking into yes!
walking into yes! (a humorous reflection of my life as a blind artist)

mark your calendar! oct. 21 2015


minnesota state university, mankato
358 trafton north
mankato mn 56001


ready on when! (join a discussion on how, together, we can create a more beautifully inclusive world) 

mark your calendar! oct 22/ 7 pm

st.olaf college: community forum
northfield mn 55057

September 19, 2015

disabiling artists assumptions

the sentinel
you are invited!!!!

what? artist reception
when? oct. 2 (7-9 pm)

 i will be giving a brief talk about my work 
and journey as an artist

exhibit dates: sept 21-oct 21

i'm most excited for this exhibit because i'm humbled to show work with some of my dear friends!  please stop by and experience the creative energy of the i-can-do-it community!

selected original works and prints will be available for sale

September 7, 2015

yes...sad, but true

it is now really sinking is true, my painting was stolen from the state fair. i have never had anything like this happen to me before.

and though i know this is all real, i still am unable to find words to describe what i am feeling.

disappointed fair visitor
thank you to all who have reached out to me and offered your support and encouragement.

here is a link to the story KARE 11 reported in hopes of helping to retrieve the piece:

thanks for the photo! stephanie kivi and her handsome son

August 17, 2015

ambassador of possibilities!

here, let me show you... 
i love helping others! during the school year i make myself available to teach, guide and inspire students on their creative journey and to share what it is like living with a disability diff-ablility.  
i use my art to communicate my hopes, my dreams, my faith and most importantly what is possible.  
it is my belief that as we gain an understanding of one another, 
together we can create a more inclusive world!

if you are interested in arranging a classroom visit or workplace event, 
please contact VSA MN to make arrangements.

VSA MN staff: 612-332-3888 or 800-801-3883

July 31, 2015

yes, I can!

above: a growing inconvenience? below: annie with governor dayton

how cool it was to meet governor dayton at the 25 ADA anniversary celebration!
speak to me! 
communicating with harv,
a deaf soul, warm heart!
i have great hopes he will continue to do work that advances the opportunities for the diff-abled!
lollipops for ayla (one of my earlier inspired by my grand-daughter)

had it not been for the efforts of a dear friend to encourage, support and help me FIND A WAY,
i would not be working as an artist today.
i may have lost my sight, but not my creative vision.

all time favorite quote:
"never, never, never give up!" ~churchill

big love

big love
when in doubt, choose love. ~unknown

dancing queen

dancing queen
'those who dance are considered insane by those who don't hear the music' ~unknown

sin miedos (without fear)

sin miedos (without fear)
do one thing every day that scares you! ~eleanor roosevelt

wish upon my wings

wish upon my wings
just when the caterpillar thought the world was coming to an end, it became a butterfly!

the crossroads

the crossroads
'you are now at a crossroads...make the most important decision you will ever make. forget your past...don't think about who you have been...who have you decided to become? make this decision consciously. make it carefully. make it powerfully.' ~tony robbins


'you are only afraid if you are not in harmony with yourself' ~hesse

lollipops for ayla

lollipops for ayla
'sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile is the source of your joy.' ~ thich nhat hanh

journey with jim

journey with jim
' is the journey that matters, in the end.' ~ hemingway

confetti susan

confetti susan
' yourself and the world will love you!' ~mercree