January 19, 2017

For Today I Will: Commitment

So many of us find ourselves stuck in a chasm between where we are now and our planning to- wanting to-meaning to-going to and the actual change we hope to achieve.  We are stuck because we fail to make an actual commitment to our goal (s).

at ease
At some point, after our initial declaration: to eat healthier or find a new job or become more organized or to achieve any of our lofty proclamations, we soon find ourselves wavering.  The necessary and hard work to see our plans thru begins to feel overwhelming; our goals unachieveable.  Our excitement and enthusiasm begins to wane.

And this is when commitment becomes a verb.  We must stay dedicated to our:  plan to’s, want to’s, meaning to’s, going to’s professions.  It is the only way we can find our way out of the chasm.

Today, stay the course, remain loyal, stay focus and maintain your commitment. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a chasm.

You Can, You Are, You Will!

image: painting of a turtle which is titled, at ease.  it was inspired by a desire 
to be comfortable in my own skin (shell)...


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