February 14, 2017

everyday special

painting: inspired by the friendship of Adelaide and Samulina
the friendship between adelaide and samuelina
there are many people who believe valentine's Day is just a 'hallmark' holiday.  and like christmas, commercialism has exploited the history and celebration of st. valentine's. it doesn't help that the reasons behind why we celebrate this day in february are controversial.

personally, i believe this holiday provides a great reminder how powerful and influential love and the choice to choose love can be.

 please, don't be a cynic, wear your heart on your sleeve and give what you can, to who you can, when you can!


about this image:  

i was inspired to paint this piece after meeting 
lifetime friends, adelaide and samuelina. 
what a privilege is was to meet these two beautiful, 
seasoned friends with a contagious, 
shared laughter, pure joy-filled hearts and mutual, 
generosity admiration for one another. 

"we will be friends until we are old and senile...then we'll be 'new' friends." ~unknown


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