March 26, 2017

about the artist

when words escape me, 
i paint!

i primarily consider myself an artistic topographist. this is because i paint most often with my fingers. i feel more confident that i can produce the most accurate translation of what is in my head or on my heart, onto a surface for others to see.

after my eye sight began to diminish, i felt i 'had to' use my fingers to create tactile impressions of my visual recollections using paint and canvas. 
i found i was able to tap into an enhanced sensorial awareness, both auditory and cutaneous, that assisted my recall of life experiences and emotional memories through strikingly vivid, bold imagery.

in my studio, i gravitate towards a strong color palette, choosing from tubes and cans of pigment labelled in braille,
employing a variety of impasto painting techniques, my fingertips are guided by my mind’s eye.

i continually challenge the boundaries of my abilities, exploring the rules of composition, color and contour. i must say, i really enjoy experimenting with artistic methods and mediums, especially those inherently requiring less control and thereby offering greater fluidity.

for each canvas, it typically takes weeks, and usually months, to build up the painted surface layer by layer. my visual collection reflects the relationship between my senses and my memories, offering viewers a glimpse of the power and joy unleashed by a can-do spirit.

i adopted this quote, credited to audrey hepburn, as my personal motto:
" the words, I'm possible, are found in the word impossible!".

daily, you'll find me in my studio, continuing to believe that i can
  bring to fruition that which rest on the soul. and i do so, with great joy!

i invite you to check out my exhibit schedule ...stop in, enjoy my work in real space.
and, please, let me know if you see what i feel.

annie young  / creative topographist  /  inspirational speaker
1744 riverwood drive  /  burnsville mn 55337
c  /  612.743.9256  e  /


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