March 16, 2017

love will grow

 "plant seeds of love and love will grow" ~unknown

i'm getting so excited for the arrival of spring and can't wait to plant my flower garden!  
garden party collection
thought i'd post this reminder of the beautiful gift flowers are to our world. their colorful petals accented in various hues of green; the mere glance invites the settling of our spirit, encourages a peace-filled breath to cross our lips.  the wafting aromas and the winged garden visitors they attract are an added bonus!

sigh... trust me when i tell you blossoms are worth any effort you can spare to prepare the soil, plant the seed, water and weed. 

images included in the collection: sleeping beauty, confetti susan, bloomingfield of love and hope, armonia, buttercup ball, a promise to love, honor, cherish, celebrating sisterhood, cecilia illuminates the warrior's path, mad blossom, gone to seed, lenore dances in the daisy garden, sweet honey, the blossom


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