March 25, 2017

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occupation of a mother's heart
letting go and letting God
~a. young

"I remember how my blood raced thru my veins when my youngest son, a fit and readied army soldier, was making his way to the other side of the world~
To a place where peace was unrealized.
I was drowning in crocodile tears.
Fear and worry took up residency in my heart and mind. 
I couldn’t escape those relentless, anxious thoughts.
I would remind myself to breathe.

His son, Logan, was swaddled in my arms. 
I welcomed the gifts my precious 3 month old grandson brought to his grandma;
the smell of new
   innocence incarnate
a steady breath upon finding sleep
 trust without conditions

I would hold him tightly,
whisper stories of his father’s love, his compassionate reach, his faith without fear and his courage and determination.

Logan’s deep belly cries reminded me of the certain realization:
dad is gone!

And He would not soon be returning.

I understood Logan’s wailing, I wanted to wail, too!
We wailed together and then I prayed.

I turned to God. He knows me, I asked for the peace that surpasses all understanding. 
I sought His strength and begged for patience but, honestly, 
I held on tightly…
ridiculously and selfishly I held on!
Willfully wishing for control, but I knew,
I just knew deep down in my heart that I had to
let go and let God…"  

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a portion of the proceeds are donated to supporting those who serve and support us


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