April 3, 2017

a direct influence

"color is a power that directly influences the soul..." 
~ wassily kandinsky

color puddles
i have always been curious about colors; their meaning and influence on our lives. here is a real quick share. here is a link to an article i found which speaks to how color preferences are determined by our experiences: 

pink: unconditional love and nurturing; intuitive and insightful; is the sign of hope
magenta: universal harmony and emotional balance; generates acceptance, tolerance, support and patience
red: energy, passion, action, ambition and determination; can stimulate deeper conversations; awakens our physical life force
orange: adventure, warm; invites spontaneity and a positive outlook
yellow: optimistic and cheerful; can awaken a greater confidence
green: balance and growth; inspires hope and generosity
turquoise: communication and clarity of mind; color of the evolved soul
blue: trust, peace and responsibility; reduces stress and helps create a sense of calm

indigo: intuition, perception and the higher mind; reflects great devotion
violet: imagination and spirituality; represents the future


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